New Generation of Bard

Meet the new generation of BARD Wall Mount Units! Set to meet DOE requirements of 11EER for SPVU equipment, BARD took the challenge with several new features in their redesign that meet the changing HVAC field with the performance and reliability we have known BARD for historically! Keeping with the same wall fit of the previous units, this new unit will fit perfectly on a retrofit. The new features include a new C cabinet eliminating the need for right and left access selections and allowing for great service access to the compressor, filter, condenser coal and electric heat coils! The new units also feature a new Balanced Climate feature to assist in efficiencies and enhanced humidity control, natural fiber insulation, brushless DC motor, new dehumidification system and low leak design! Follow the link below for more details on the new generation of units and the added design and contact your local John J Morgan representative for selections or more information on this innovative new Wall Mount Unit!

New Generation Bard Wall-Mount Brochure