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Tom Morgan             Inside/Outside Sales (Western Wisconsin, Southern-Southeast Minnesota, Central/Eastern Iowa), Technical Support and Training.

Mike Morgan            Inside/Outside Sales (Nebraska, North Dakota, Northern Minnesota, West Iowa),  Technical Support and Training.

Tom Lyle                     Outside Sales (Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma), Technical Support and Training.

Mike Kaskie               Outside Sales (North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska), Technical Support and Training.

Angie Brew               Inside Sales Manager, Inside/Outside Sales, Inside Sales Support.

Chris Morgan           Inside/Outside Sales, & Support, Product Training, and DiversiTech Specialist

Phil Dugan                 Inside/Outside Sales (Twin Cities)

Neill Gustafson       Inside/Outside Sales (Northern Minnesota) AmbiRad Specialist

Pat McGuire              Plan & Spec

Jim Packer                Outside Sales (Minnesota)

Lynn Hogan               Customer Service  & Invoicing

Sadie Norton           Customer Service & Order Entry/Status, REZNOR Planned Product and ‘ACE’ Specialist

Doug Swanson        Service Manager, Tech Support & Factory Start-ups

Mike Malone, P.E.   HVAC Systems Engineer, Engineer Specialist

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