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Huracan NEW from REZNOR


Reznor® Huracan fans move warm air from the upper reaches of the space back to the floor using minimal energy improving overall building energy efficiency and occupant comfort. During heating season, this action minimizes the amount and cost of heat needed to satisfy occupant comfort or product safety by eliminating the natural stratification that occurs and directing heat already provided to the space back to lower levels. Model H destratification fans are available in four sizes based on maximum mounting height ranging from 25 to 60 feet. Huracan fans can reduce cooling load as well by providing a consistent yet gentle air flow during the heat of summer or warmer days during spring and fall. Integrated louvers and directional brackets enable directed airflow in unusual geometry spaces or around features that block airflow such as warehouse shelving.

The Huracan is extremely flexible for installation with two-point suspension from threaded rod. The unique Reznor side mounting brackets are designed for vertical or angled mounting and the front of the units have directional louvers to fine tune air distribution. Model H Destrat fans have features that improve control and make servicing the unit easier and installation safer.



Are Air Curtains Effective?

To understand how air curtains are effective, we need to understand what is the purpose of an air curtain? We also need to understand what we are asking a commercial air curtain to do.

Air doors are an important piece of commercial equipment in any effective air management system or for anyone wanting to reduce the utility spend to operate their building infrastructure. There are dozens of industries that use air curtains to solve their industry-specific challenges for air quality management. Many use an air door to reduce their building operating expenses (which increases profitability) and create more pleasant interior environments. Below we will look at the common ways companies use commercial air doors and how we know they are effective.



motorcycle retail store


Fresh-Aire UV, the Premium UV Brand from DiversiTech!

As our industry places more and  more significance on Indoor Air Quality, DiversiTech is proud to present Fresh-Aire UV.  Fresh-Aire UV boasts an efficient product offering to cover residential and commercial settings to improve air quality by removing mold, bacteria, odors, and much more from your HVAC system.  Please reach out today for more information!


See below for resources on Fresh-Aire UV:

Fresh-Aire UV – Website

Fresh-Aire UV – About FAUV PowerPoint

Cool Patio Nights? Warm up with Bromic!

Cool Patio Nights? Warm up with Bromic!

Whether it is having your morning coffee, winding down after a long day, or enjoying an outdoor dining experience with your loved ones BROMIC is here to provide the comfort on those crisp nights. Having a wide range of aesthetically pleasing gas or electric heaters, forget the extra blankets and turn on the heat!

See the following flyers to share with your customers:

Bromic Heating – Hospitality

Bromic Heating – Outdoor Dining

Bromic Heating – Resorts

Bromic Heating – Hotel



Come see the NEW UDX at the 2021 Minnesota State Fair!

Come see and enter for your chance to WIN a UDX045 at the 2021 MN State Fair! The JJ Morgan Company have teamed up with the Blue Flame Lodge another year to showcase the new UDX Series Unit Heater released earlier this year.  We are excited to not only show you this heater, but also going to GIVE ONE AWAY!

Blue Flame lodge is Located across from the “Big Slide”.

Please call (651) 698-0089 or email for more information.

Help us welcome Chris Morgan to our staff!

Please join us in welcoming Chris Morgan to John J. Morgan Company. Chris, now making us a third generation company, graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2018 with Economics and Ag Business Degrees. While in school, and in the few years since, Chris has developed a vast knowledge of the HVAC industry on the Wholesale Distribution side of the business.

As a purchasing agent, he worked closely with a number of Morgan Company represented products, most notably DiversiTech. Chris’s roles will consist of Inside Sales and Support, DiversiTech Product Manager, and Distributor Relations, among other many day to day business functions.


DiversiTech joins the John J. Morgan Company line card!

John J. Morgan Company is very pleased to announce, effective immediately, the addition of DiversiTech, hilmor and Imperial Tool Products to our portfolio for the states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota.

Diversitech is an American company that manufactures components and products related to the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. It is best known for its line of air conditioning condenser pads. It is based in Duluth, Georgia.

hilmor tools manufactures a complete line of HVAC/R tools that are a step ahead in the industry. Rugged, time saving, and equipped with all of the features you need…and none that you don’t.

Imperial® is a world renowned brand of specialty tools for HVAC/R service, tube working, electrical, automotive and industrial applications.

As Federal, State, and your own guidelines permit, we will schedule introductory meetings and training on all of these products.
We look forward to working with all of our Distributor Partners in the sale and marketing of these fine products.


Refresh Fans – Superior HVLS Fans

John J. Morgan Company is proud to announce the addition of Refresh Fans to our line card. The EQ range of high volume low speed fans (HVLS) are designed to be installed in high ceilings to redistribute air towards floor level. They generate an air-stream which covers a large area and creates a cooling effect in summer months, while through destratification in the winter pushing the warm air down to occupant level. They are suitable for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, auto industry, shopping malls, airports, sports centers, greenhouses, cannabis production, and dairy farms.

Bromic Heating

John J. Morgan Company is excited to welcome Bromic Heating to our line card. Bromic outdoor heaters are recognized all over the world for superior design and performance. From luxury hotels and leading restaurants to distinguished outdoor kitchens and exquisite backyard, Bromic outdoor heaters deliver the perfect balance of performance, reliability and beauty.

Platinum Electric White

Platinum Electric Black

Tungsten Gas 300Tungsten Gas 500

Cobalt Electric Heater

Platinum Gas 300 Platinum Gas 500

                  Tungsten Portable