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Refresh Fans – Superior HVLS Fans

John J. Morgan Company is proud to announce the addition of Refresh Fans to our line card. The EQ range of high volume low speed fans (HVLS) are designed to be installed in high ceilings to redistribute air towards floor level. They generate an air-stream which covers a large area and creates a cooling effect in summer months, while through destratification in the winter pushing the warm air down to occupant level. They are suitable for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, auto industry, shopping malls, airports, sports centers, greenhouses, cannabis production, and dairy farms.

Bromic Heating

John J. Morgan Company is excited to welcome Bromic Heating to our line card. Bromic outdoor heaters are recognized all over the world for superior design and performance. From luxury hotels and leading restaurants to distinguished outdoor kitchens and exquisite backyard, Bromic outdoor heaters deliver the perfect balance of performance, reliability and beauty.

Platinum Electric White

Platinum Electric Black

Tungsten Gas 300Tungsten Gas 500

Cobalt Electric Heater

Platinum Gas 300 Platinum Gas 500

                  Tungsten Portable 

Reznor’s NEW Website

Reznor lunched a new website on October 17th, 2019.

The look is different, and the features are much better!

Take a peak for yourself, click Here

Distributors are still able to log into the new site, which will redirect you back to the partner site.

You will need to click on the fist icon, circled in Red, which you will find in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Mars – ASHRAE Code Change

ASHRAE ‘s newly adopted 90.1-2019 addresses the main entryway of commercial buildings 3,000 ft2 & larger.  Commercial building owners, architects, HVAC designers and contractors can now specify air curtains to satisfy code and reduce energy loss in commercial buildings provided that the air curtain has been tested and certified in accordance to ANSI/AMCA Standard 220, which requires a minimum air velocity of 400 fpm (2 m/s) at the floor, regardless of the mounting height.

Please click the “Click Here” link below to be redirect to Mars Air web page for more information.

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Mars Air Curtains New Case Study – Harley-Davidson

Below is a new case study available on the Mars website

Harley Davidson 

At a newly constructed Harley-Davidson 10,000 sq ft showroom in Chicago, our Mars Standard 2 air curtains were installed across a large expansive opening of garage style roll up doors that opened direct to the sidewalk and adjacent to the street. The air curtains blocked dust, untreated air, debris, flying insects, and smelly vehicle emissions from entering the room.


Commercial Air Curtain Products


Studies reveal a 6%-9% upside effect on work performance based on improved air quality and temperature. (Wyon 2004)

Click HERE to read more about those studies.





Mars Air Systems 02 Live Version of New Course on AEC Daily OLC

The Mars Air Systems online course, Energy Savings with Air Curtains, is now on AEC Daily’s Online Learning Center! This course offers 1.25 PDH Hours for design professionals, and highlights some of the features mars has to offer!

Mars air curtains reduce building energy costs, keep environments sanitary through the elimination of flying pests and debris and ensure consistent building temperatures using an invisible unobstructing flow of air. Put Mars to work at all your openings including entry/exit doors, pass-thru windows, dock doors, receiving doors and create internal climatic separation and realize comfortable results as well as financial results. 

You may view the new course here:  

Energy Savings with Air Curtains 


New Generation of Bard

Meet the new generation of BARD Wall Mount Units! Set to meet DOE requirements of 11EER for SPVU equipment, BARD took the challenge with several new features in their redesign that meet the changing HVAC field with the performance and reliability we have known BARD for historically! Keeping with the same wall fit of the previous units, this new unit will fit perfectly on a retrofit. The new features include a new C cabinet eliminating the need for right and left access selections and allowing for great service access to the compressor, filter, condenser coal and electric heat coils! The new units also feature a new Balanced Climate feature to assist in efficiencies and enhanced humidity control, natural fiber insulation, brushless DC motor, new dehumidification system and low leak design! Follow the link below for more details on the new generation of units and the added design and contact your local John J Morgan representative for selections or more information on this innovative new Wall Mount Unit!

New Generation Bard Wall-Mount Brochure 

Mars Air & The Energy Savings Momentum


The news is out … the U.S. Department of Energy wants to invest $35 million of grant money to help reduce our energy usage — in both commercial and residential buildings. At Mars, one of our core missions has been to reduce energy usage and help commercial operators realize the secondary benefits:

— reduced burdens on commercial HVAC systems extend the lifecycle of the equipment
— lessening the work of the HVAC systems reduces maintenance and operating costs – they work better, harder & longer
— a longer life for your HVAC equipment reduces commercial waste and landfill materials

Specifics from the announcement include:  

  • The DOE seeks solutions that will allow energy efficiencies after building retrofits, with goals that include a 75% reduction in major loads from HVAC systems. The agency is also interested in construction technologies that can help new buildings achieve a 50% increase in energy efficiency through techniques such as offsite manufacturing, robotics, digitization, automation and improved modeling.

Click here to learn more about how to participate