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S & P Ventilation – Total Recovery (ERV) Low Profile

With a growing demand for smaller and more flexible units, we are now including the Total Recovery Low Profile (TRLPe) to our Total Recovery series. The TRLPe is a cETLus and HVI certified compact model designed to fit tight spaces. Featuring an energy recovery core with a MERV 8 filter, the TRLPe is the perfect ERV for multi-family homes and residences with low ceilings.

Click here to learn more about TRLPe

Reznor R7DA DOAS Unit

Great news from Reznor!

Just released is the R7DA DOAS/high OA unit. It is designed for both replacement and new instillation.

Main Features:

  • Extremely competitive Price Point
  • Patented HG system for increased efficiencies
  • Fits on existing Carrier Curbs
  • Electrical requirements similar for direct replacements
  • 6 & 7.5 ton (up to 20 by the end of the year)
  • Rust-less condensate pan
  • NG, LP or Electric Heat
  • Vertical or Horizontal Airflow (field modified)
  • ECM supply Fan
  • Variable Speed Compressor (10-100%)
  • 1″ Foam insulation
  • Control System built-in (Constant CFM, Building Pressure, ect.)
  • DDC or local control options

From my experience this is a great unit to fill the tenant buildouts, restaurant, nail salon, and other projects meeting the need for increase ventilation and first cost concerns. Please see the attached cut sheets and let us know if you have any questions.

Reznor DOAS Brochure

Magic Aire – HCA, HHA, NDB Air Handlers

Please see three of our new specialty products available. Our high efficiency horizontal air handler. Out ciritcal enviorment air handler, our premium vertical air handler, just the latest innovations from the leader in Air Handler/Fan Coil industry – Magic Aire!

Please click on the links below for more information, or call your local expert.

HCA – High Efficiency Horizontal Air Handler

HHA – Critical Environment Air Handler 

NDB – Premium Vertical Air Handler 

Mars Air Curtains

Here is detailed information on the new products being introduced by your leader in Air Curtain Technology, Mars Air Systems.

SimpleLink – A new intuitive controller that adjusts fan speed, heat and TD.

QuietPro – The quietest unit on the market.

HEPAC – The unit improves air quality by trapping particulates in its HEPA filter.

UVC – The unit improves air quality by killing microorganisms that travel in the air.

I am attaching features on these items for your review, along with the initial flyers and technical brochures that will be used to promote these products.

SimpleLink Flyer

Quietpro Flyer


UVC Flyer

National Comfort Products

The Comfort Pak and Thru-Wall condenser from National Comfort Products. NCP is a manufacturer of either gas or electric, thru-wall heating and cooling equipment designed for the multi-family, multi-housing, senior living community. Units come complete with wall sleeves and a selection of exterior grills, varying in both style and color.

Additionally, they offer a complete line of thru-wall condensers as well. These units come in a varity of demensions to fit your installation requirements.

For more information, please visit their website at, or contact your local PTAC/PTHP expert.

The Comfort Pak

Thru-wall Heating & Cooling 

Reznor VRF

We are proud to announce the introduction of a complete VRF product offering from Reznor. That’s right, the leader in commercial industrial heating, cooling and make-up air equipment is now happy to offer a full VRF line. This offering encompasses a complete line of ductless, ducted and air handling equipment, all with the features, benefits, and efficiencies of VRF. Together with detailed software selections, and a vast array of configurations, the Reznor VRF line is sure to meet your needs from layout to selection to pricing and instillation. For more information on this ever growing market, please see below for  Reznor VRF Flyer, or contact your local VRF expert.

Reznor VRF Flyer

Critical Environmental Technologies Canada Inc.

Bit of a different twist as we move away from the large equipment and look at some control devices. Cirtical Enviromental Technologies (CET) is a full line manufacturer of gas and chemical detection equipment. This is a product line that is a natural fit for you as it is for us when it comes to ounding out a make-up air/exhaust type project.

Whether you’re dealing with cabon monoxide, diesel, propane, refrigerants, or explosive type chemicals, these sensing devices are the trigger for energizing make-up air and exhaust systems, and CET offers a complete and full line of these devices. Whether stand alone units, or elaborate multi system arrangements with central control panels, CET is sure to have the products to fit your applications.

For more information, please visit their website at, or contact your local gas detection expert.

CET Family Brochure 

Bard Manufacturing

Bard is the nation’s leading manufacturer of exterior wall mount HVAC equipment. Ranging in size from 1 to 6 tons in either straight cool, straight cool with electric heat, gas heat, and heat pump arrangement, they are sure to meet all of your electronic telecom shelter, portable, mobile modular, and school room HVAC needs.

For more information, please visit their website at, or contact your local HVAC expert.

Exterior Wall-mount

Interior Wall-mount


Oil Furnace